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January 22, 2016

Bumper Talk: Facts and Repairs

Did you know that the first affordable cars didn’t have bumpers? The bumper is one of the initial innovations in car safety to protect pedestrians and to minimize repair costs in case of collisions. The materials used in making bumpers changed over time. From protruding rigid metal bars, to plastics, steel aluminum, and fiberglass composites, the bumper became a standard sight in all automobiles of shapes and sizes.

The bumpers of modern cars are more effective and is usually mixed in its design for aesthetic purposes. Different standards have also been set by different countries regarding the specifications of the bumper. Unfortunately, the more the bumper evolved, the costlier it became to repair them. What made bumper repairs in garages costly? Read the infographic below to find out.

bumper scuff repair and refurbishment in reading berkshire UK

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