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Top Five Car Maintenance Mistakes Many Make

Car Maintenance Mistakes

We all like to take care of our own cars, teenagers especially. The commitment generally wears off as soon as a busy life gets in the way. Those new to driving will want to celebrate their new independence by taking care of all aspects of car maintenance while the rest of us simply want to save some cash.

There are mistakes to be made though and these can be costly to repair.

Forgetting the Tyres

Many people forget just how important tyres are and will skip general maintenance tasks in order to save time and money. In fact, the tyres can lead to a lot of trouble if not properly taken care of, from minor accidents to prosecution. The incorrect tyre pressure not only drags on your steering but forces your car to use more fuel to keep up. Suddenly this ten second job doesn’t seem so time consuming after all.

Also, although a car will travel ok on tyres that are less than perfect it’s never a good idea to let the tread get near to its limit. A slippery road or an eagle eyed policeman can put a stop to your avoidance tactics in a way more inconvenient manner than having a tyre replaced.

Cleaning Mistakes

You know that keeping your car clean can keep it healthy. It helps you spot minor bumper scuffs and see when you may need scratch repair. It also stops rust from developing. Sometimes you can actually do more harm than good depending on the products you use.

Household cleaners can damage the paintwork and cause erosion, just like you wouldn’t use a kitchen spray on a solid wood table, you shouldn’t use household detergents on your car. It needs something gentle and acid free.

Waxing is not the same as polishing either, despite popular belief, it is the art of adding an impenetrable layer of wax to a car while polishing is just adding shine (not products involved or those that are removed in the polishing process).

You should also note the difference between cleaning your car and having a car wash. A car wash will clean what you can see from the outside but does little for maintenance. To clean your car you need to get into the alloy wheels with a soft brush and underneath near the brakes and the mud guards where you could find potential rust.

DIY Disasters

The advancement of technology means that many cars are now like Kit from Knight Rider and only the designated driver (or manufacturer) knows how to perform simple tasks. This leaves many guessing, with some getting so frustrated they actually prise bonnets open with crowbars or disconnect all electrics to force in an unsuitable part.

The internet is a great resource, use it to find the answers you’re looking for.

Leaving Things until the Last Minute

You know that if you need scratch repair you should have it done as soon as possible or the problem could become a lot worse. This along with the occasional bumper scuff is cheap to fix but many ignore larger problems in a bid to save time and money.

If a warning light is flashing on your dashboard, don’t ignore it as many do. It may be nothing but it’s more likely to be something, even if it’s the warning light bulb!

Always Having the Radio On

We all love company in a car and we’re all guilty of singing along to our favourite tunes whether we have a great voice or not. The rise of smartphones means our favourite songs are just a tap away and journeys are rarely silent. This is why many problems are missed by drivers. Having complete silence in the car for just ten minutes a week can help you identify any strange noises that could signify a problem. Try it and see what you hear!

Is your car already suffering from these car maintenance mistakes? Contact us today and we’ll help you smoothen things out!

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How to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Down

Car Maintenance Costs

The cost of running a car is increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. This, coupled with the more advanced electrical systems in cars means many are forking out for minor repairs they could previously do themselves. With petrol prices, insurance and toll charges, there’s seems little money to spare for regular maintenance but we have some tips to keep those costs down.

Go Online

Some people find a garage and stick with it for decades. It doesn’t matter if it comes under new management, changes its staff or increases its prices, a misplaced sense of loyalty keeps us going back. We’re all afraid of being conned out of our hard earned cash but with the internet at our fingertips we can now find much better deals for a much lower price.

When you need new tyres, scratch repair, bumper scuff repair or new alloy wheels, go online. You’ll probably find someone mobile who can come to your place of work saving you the hassle and the expense of using a garage.

Read the Instructions

It’s amazing how many of us completely disregard the manual that comes with our car yet this holds the key to saving money. It tells you everything you need to know about the optimum tyre pressure, signs parts need replacing and even how to tune you stereo (or connect your smartphone to it).

Keep it Regular

Regular check-ups will save you money in the long run while ensuring you’re never one of those people stranded on the side of the road – it’s not fun. Not only can a complete service history increase the sale price of your car it can also prevent other damage occurring. Have a service every year or every winter and summer and keep an eye on the signs of wear every 10,000 miles.

Keep it Clean

We don’t recommend that you use car wash brushes on your car daily but you should keep it clean and not just in the places you can see. Dirt can get underneath which can cause a gear box to stiffen up while promoting a lot of rust. Also, if your car isn’t clean, you can’t tell if you have any small scratches. Scratch repair is cheap if you catch it early but if you leave scratch repair it can cause a lot of damage to the paintwork and your pocket.

Fill Her Up

If you are a car owner, whether you have mechanic abilities or not you have a responsibility to learn the basics for the benefit of your car and your pocket. Check your brake fluid, coolant and oil regularly and make sure you keep them at optimum levels. You should also fill up your screen wash regularly too, as this can lead to accidents if you run out when stuck behind a lorry going through puddles.

Order in Bulk

Your car tax should be bought annually if you want to save money. You can also do it online so you don’t have to waste time looking for all the relevant documents, travelling then standing in line at the post office counter.

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Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician VRT21

Role: Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician VRT21
Location:  Reading , Berkshire Based

This Role

A great opportunity to join our team of mobile vehicle body repair technicians.

We are now seeking technicians in the Reading area to join us in providing an unbeatable service to our customers for all their vehicle body repair needs.

Further Details

Restore Automotive is a mobile business that repairs light vehicle damage at the customers home address or place of work, we are an expanding company with great opportunities for personal growth within our company.

As a Restore Automotive Technician you will be meeting and greeting customers and providing an exceptional service for their repairs you will undertake body repair work from start to finish on all makes and models of damaged vehicles whilst meeting our high standards in customer satisfaction and vehicle refinishing.

Although you will have full support at all times you will spend most of the time on the road as an individual so will need to be self motivated and driven with great organisation skills,

Experience Required:

  • Bodyshop painter / sprayer / prepper or panel beater
  • Ideally a skilled all rounder, confident at being able to deliver a brilliant finish across panel and bumper repairs
  • In addition you’ll be a people person and aware to provide the best customer experience possible
  • No mobile experience is required as full specialist training will be provided.

Apply For This Role

If you have the skills and experience to join our team and become a Restore Automotive Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician , please apply today by completing the form below:

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All You Ever Needed to Know About Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair

You already know that alloy wheels look great, increase the value of your car and protect against irreparable damage but do you know the best types, the metals used or where they originated from.

Prepare to Learn Everything You Need to Know about Alloy Wheel Repair


We don’t often think too deeply about our alloys until we need  an alloy wheel repair. As alloys are an expensive investment the cost of repair can be pricey too. If you know your aluminium form your steel and your die cast from your forged though, you can make sure you get the best price for your repair.

History of Alloy Wheels

In the beginning people preferred magnesium alloys. They replaced the need for heavy steel wheels and delivered a lighter solution without any loss of strength. Although aluminium alloys were available they had a lot of hoops to jump through to satisfy safety standards as they posed problems such as easy breakages due the brittle metal.

Many tried to pass off aluminium alloys as magnesium but were soon found out when the alloys snapped under pressure. With tweaks to the casting, and problems resolved, aluminium started to take over, they were cheaper, lighter and favoured by racing drivers.

Today alloys are made from a mixture of the two, while adapted to suit the vehicle. Large lorries prefer the more solid, heavyweight alloys while the average driver prefers lighter models that don’t impact on the speed of the car.

How Alloy Wheels Are Made

There are many ways in which alloys are made and many inventors are still developing the perfect alloy.

The most popular manufacturing methods are:

Alloy Wheel Forging

Forging is usually done only on magnesium wheels, for instance the AZ80. When produced like this they are very tough and ductile although this is reflected in the price.

High Pressure Die Casting

This is an incredible process to watch, a little like watching Terminator 2. Basically it uses heavy duty machinery to clamp the die cast together before molten magnesium is dispensed into a tube. Once in the shot sleeve it is forced out with a piston using intense pressure into the mould and in what seems like seconds, the cast splits open and the alloy is revealed.

They can be produced in bulk this way but obviously have their drawbacks being weaker than forged alloys. Nevertheless they are a sound and affordable option.

Low Pressure Die Casting

This uses a similar method to the high pressure casting however the cast is set above the molten magnesium. The mixture of air and internal pressure forces the magnesium into the die and the alloy is formed.

This method promises to produce better alloys than high pressure casting. It is also known as gravity casting and is one of the favourite methods used for bespoke alloy wheels.

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How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?


It seems like magic as paintless dent repair is cheaper, quicker and easier than any other dent repair offered by garages across the country.

The suspicion surrounding it means that many actually opt for the more expensive way to fix a dent in a car as they don’t believe paintless dent repair will fix the big bump in their vehicle.

We are here to dispel the myths, to show you how it’s done so you can benefit from this affordable repair in the future.

Paintless Dent Repair for Paint Damaged Vehicles

Many believe that if a vehicle’s paintwork is damaged then PDR isn’t the right solution. Sometimes, this is true, however in a lot of cases it’s not. The paint may look scuffed or broken on the surface but once the dent has been repaired those breaks come together to form a flawless finish. If you’re unsure simply ask us or send us a quick picture and we can soon let you know if paintless dent repair is suitable.

Older cars may not be suitable for paintless dent repair as the paint is quite rigid. Many manufacturers today use a pliable paint that allows for PDR.

When Paintless Dent Repair Can Help

How Does Paintless Dent Repair WorkThe most common causes that lead to someone needing paintless dent repairs are:

  • Minor scuff and accidents
  • Weather damage from hailstones, falling branches or windswept items
  • Door bumps such as opening a door onto a wall, another car or a trolley station in Waitrose

The Tools and Techniques Used for Paintless Dent Removal

Over the years, paintless dent repair tools have become more sophisticated. An expert will use a range such as metal rods, body picks and their own hands to manipulate the metal carefully without damaging the paint.

Glue is also used, as in some cases it is applied to the exterior of the dent to pull the metal out, then smaller, more precise apparatus is utilised to add the finishing touches.

A fluorescent light is used to reveal the smallest of indentations that are not visible to the naked eye.

Expert Techniques

Although it looks easy, there’s actually artistry involved as an experienced technician will use the indents to create dark and light spots so the light reflects evenly. This delivers a perfect finish that shows no sign of previous damage and doesn’t impact of the value of the car.

In the majority of cases, an expert will blend the indents to create conformity of the metal. Even the best mechanics can occasionally crack the paint. This doesn’t happen often but if the paint is cold or less pliable than originally assumed, the repair can cause paint to flake off.

Luckily, those trained in dent repair will have the skills to rectify the problem immediately.
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