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An Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Repair Guide

Your alloy wheels are the most damage prone part of your car. Drive over a pothole, hit a kerb, or even make the mistake of turning sharply and there’s a great chance that you will dent, crack, or even destroy your alloy wheels. It is also one of the most visible features in your car so a muddy, dirty, and dusty alloy wheel can be quite unacceptable for most. Don’t worry for you can always have your alloy wheels refurbished or repaired for that showroom effect.

Understandably, there are some who can get easily confused with the difference between alloy wheel refurbishment with alloy wheel repair and the other way around since both processes are applied to the alloy wheels. But what is the difference between refurbish and repair? Which one is for functionality and which one is for vanity? The simple infographic below portrays the perfect illustration so you will not be confused with the usage of both terms the next time you may need one.

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Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Reading Berkshire
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Paintless Dent Removal FAQs

Are you having second thoughts about getting those dings removed and those dents on your car repaired through paintless dent removal? We get where you’re coming from. You want only the best type of care for your car because it can be a very expensive thing to maintain and own.

Inevitable and unfortunate accidents happen such as getting your car’s exterior damaged out of carelessness or from sheer bad luck and can create a major dent on your budget. Worry not, our mobile dent removal service is the affordable answer against that costly garage repair.

We created a list of questions that are frequently asked by our customers before they push through with our paintless dent removal services. Allow us to ease your mind with this short FAQ about paintless dent removal below:

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paintless dent removal
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Paintless Dent Repair Tools of the Trade

Like any profession, our paintless dent repair technicians carry specialised tools to help them with dent repairs. What makes it even more impressive is they have to make sure all the tools they would use will fit at the back of their vehicle since we’re offering mobile dent repair services.

So forget taking your car to garages where they take forever to fix simple dents. We have the tools right at the back of our vehicle to make sure your car looks brand new. We want to give quality service at your convenience and save you time at a really affordable price.

Curious with how we do our magic? Let’s move on by clicking the image below to see what’s inside our bag of magic tricks!

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Paintless Dent Repair Tools Reading Berkshire
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Alloy Wheel Facts (Everything You Need to Know About Alloy Wheels)

Did you know that alloy wheels have been around since the early 1920’s? They are made from aluminum and mix of other metals which is lighter compared to the magnesium and cast iron type. Additionally, alloys add that distinctive style to your car and gives it a value boost.

The questions remain: how should you take care of your alloy wheel? What are its pros and cons? What should you NOT do so that they will remain presentable and intact for a long time? The colorful infographic below will answer all these queries so download, read on, and share it! 

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Alloy Wheel Repair Facts & Figures
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Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician – Guildford (VRTGU1)

Role: Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician VRTGU1
Location:  Guildford , Surrey Based

This Role

A great opportunity to join our team of mobile vehicle body repair technicians.

We are now seeking technicians in the Guildford area to join us in providing an unbeatable service to our customers for all their vehicle body repair needs.

Further Details

Restore Automotive is a mobile business that repairs light vehicle damage at the customers home address or place of work, we are an expanding company with great opportunities for personal growth within our company.

As a Restore Automotive Technician you will be meeting and greeting customers and providing an exceptional service for their repairs you will undertake body repair work from start to finish on all makes and models of damaged vehicles whilst meeting our high standards in customer satisfaction and vehicle refinishing.

Although you will have full support at all times you will spend most of the time on the road as an individual so will need to be self motivated and driven with great organisation skills,

Additional Information & Experience Required:

  • Bodyshop painter / sprayer / prepper or panel beater
  • Ideally a skilled all rounder, confident at being able to deliver a brilliant finish across panel and bumper repairs
  • In addition you’ll be a people person and aware to provide the best customer experience possible
  • No mobile experience is required as full specialist training will be provided.
  • Very competitive salary package at 28000-32000

Apply For This Role

If you have the skills and experience to join our team and become a Restore Automotive Mobile Vehicle Repair Technician , please apply today by completing the form below:

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